Welcome to EBI's used parts department.

We have a warehouse full of used parts. If you don't see the item or items you're looking for on the website, call or email us. We're constantly added to this section. Plus, our inventory is always growing with all the new parts rigs coming in. If you have parts or an old Cruiser in the back yard that you don't want, call us.

With used parts please remember that these are used. All parts should be considered as "old"

We'll do our best to clearly label, document, and take pictures of each part. Parts will be rated as A, B, or C.

"A" rated items are going to be rare at the best of times."A" items are items that are close to new, in very nice shape or have recently been restored/refinished/rebuilt.

"B" items are in usable condition but could use refinishing or rebuilding before using on a restoration. "B" items will have no visible rust holes but will have surface rust.

"C" items are sold a cores. Sheet metal items rated as "C" need rust hole repair and possible sandblasting. "C" rated electrical and mechanical parts will need rebuilding.

If you have any concerns about the condition of used items, please call or email. We'll be more than happy to take additional pictures and answer questions about the used items. It's a lot easier to ask than to receive an unexpected surprise. surprise.

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